PASSES. Two passes will be allotted to each Machinery Pavilion or outside space. Additional passes may be obtained from the Secretary’s Office at a cost of $10.00 each.

Dog Exhibitors up to two dogs one pass. More than two dogs two passes. Dog Exhibitors passes will not be send out this year please pick up at Dog Pavilion on arrival

The foregoing regulations and notes as set forth in the Schedule are to be conditions of Competition. Any matter arising not herein provided for, shall be determined by the Committee whose decision shall be final in all cases throughout the Schedule, unless otherwise provided for. The committee reserves the right to substitute trophies donated after printing the Schedules in lieu of cash prizes. Supplementary Schedules may be issued at the discretion of the Committee.

No Exhibitors will be allowed in the Pavilion during the classification and judging of exhibits.
The Committee reserves the right to reduce the prize money for any event, or to cancel the event if, in the opinion of the Committee, paucity of entries and/or competitors for such event do not warrant the amount of prize money awarded.

The Committee reserves the right to alter this prize Schedule at any time without notice. All Prize Money NOT in excess of $10 will not be posted unless entrant’s full postal address is shown on entry forms.

Every exhibitor, competitor, member or other person or persons who bring on to the Society’s land or land over which the Society exercises any control or authority any wares, merchandises, farm produce, horticultural, vegetable or industrial products or animals of any kind or nature whatsoever for the purpose of exhibit, display, sale or any other purpose whatsoever shall hold the society and its members and officials blameless and of no liability of any loss, damage, destruction or misdelivery whether deliberate or not which may be occasioned to such property. The Show Society does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any article or thing brought on to its land.

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Support Your Local Business

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