Appearing All Day – Both Days

radical-reptiles-tully-showRadical Reptiles Training specialises in Reptile Safety Training through a Nationally Recognized Course that we have developed and written.  We also impart Reptile Safety information through Reptile Safety Displays.  This is Life Saving Skills as can be seen through the testimonial that we received this year on the right.

Radical Reptiles Training is based in the Bundaberg Region and are Licensed to travel and conduct our business in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and  Western Australia.  Radical Reptiles Training also has permission to enter South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Radical Reptiles Training has been operating over a number of years in both Safety Training and Safety Displays.  Radical Reptiles Training has experience providing Reptile Awareness Training and Displays all around Australia.  Other terms for our business are Snake Show, Snake Handler and Snake Safety Training.

Programs have been presented to many different Industries and Goverment Departments – Emergency Services, Volunteer Groups, Mining, Construction, and The Department of Education are just a few.

Our Displays are many and varied and have been presented to Agricultural Shows, Private Functions, Weddings, Scout Groups, Birthday Parties, Expos, Conventions, Shopping Centres, 4WD Shows and many others.

Radical Reptiles Training is not just about Safety around Reptiles but we are entertaining as well.