One Performance Only – Friday Night

rooftop-express-showLed by David Manchon, Rooftop Express is a new show combining showmanship, stunts, horses and cattle with the swagger of an Aussie larrikin.

“We’ve got a show where basically I ride a horse up on top of a 40-foot gooseneck – a big trailer – and we put some big brahman bullocks up there.

“We’ve got some world-first stunts, some pretty important horsemanship skills and, most importantly, some bush comedy – it’s a bit of a hoot.

“The show is a narrative that has been set up with me looking for men to join my contract mustering team and in comes this guy who’s a lovable rogue who is actually a liability but he knows how to have a good time.”

The “rogue”came out on Wednesday in a Blues jersey and received a cold welcome until he tore it off and threw it into the dirt to the cheers of the crowd.

The joker of the show raced around on a quad bike trying to prove his worth.

The slapstick, tongue-in-cheek humour expertly walked the line between adult and child contexts, keeping the whole family enthralled.

Mr Manchon is quite the showman – with ruggedly handsome looks, the gift of the gab and impressive husbandry skills, he admitted before the show it was a “little bit more nerve-wracking doing it in front of bush people cause they know what you’re doing”.

“I train horses full-time and I’ve got cow horses and campdraft horses in the show. We also have a trick horse that has been in a lot of movies and film and television work, but the real stars of the show are the bullocks, brahman bullocks, and anyone who knows will tell you how difficult brahman cattle can be to work with,” he said.

“So a lot of bushies in the crowd will have smile on their face when they see a big bullock run out with its tail on its back.

“We’re bringing back the larrikin, we’re reviving it – they’ve been a part of the Australian history and culture for a long, long time and it’s something that everyone can relate to, especially here in central Queensland where everyone loves a laugh and a beer.”