Caged Birds - Section 24

JUDGE:L. Walmsley

STEWARD: G Biddell B Barra

Champion Caged Bird Of Show $15.00, card, sash.

Entry Fee – 50¢

Prize Money:1st $4.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd $1.00

  • Any protected birds shown to be held under a permit to keep (Fauna Conservation Act 1974-79).
  • No sick or diseased birds to be penned.
  • The Society accepts no responsibility for loss or damage or misdelivery of exhibits.
  • All birds to be fed and watered before benching.
  • All birds to be benched no later than 9.00am Friday. Released by 2pm Saturday.
  • No person other than Judge or Stewards will be allowed to handle birds, for duration of the Show.
  • Where there are four or more entries of the same variety in A.O.V. classes, a class will be provided.
  • Trophies awarded where nominated.
  • Entries close one week before Show. Biosecurity requires all show cages to be clean prior to show entry. Birds to be shown in standard showcages

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Support Your Local Business

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