Needlework & Craft - Section 8

STEWARDS: N Hunt, M Schafer, V Bradley, M Murillo, H Lauridsen, J Irwin

JUDGES: D Embregts, A Maitland

Entry Fee 50c. Childrens section free.

  • No exhibit shall be eligible in more than one class.
  • Competition exhibits (except Candlewicking) must not be laundered.
  • Exhibits will be received at the office until 6.00pm Wednesday 26th July.
  • Exhibits to be collected from Stewards in the Pavilion from 3.00pm to 3.30pm Saturday.
  • All work exhibited to have been completed in the preceding 24 months and to be hand worked except those specified.
  • All work must be the production of the exhibitor.
  • A limit of 2 items per person per class applies.
  • Judging takes place 10.00am Thursday.

1st prize is $15, 2nd is $10, & 3rd is $5.
1st prize is $10, 2nd is $5, & 3rd is $2.50.
1st prize is $8, 2nd is $5, & 3rd is $2.

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Support Your Local Business

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